Our History

Acts 12:24 – But the word of God grew and multiplied.

Port Jervis School of the Bible began when Pastor Richard Tory MacDonald, Teaching Elder of THE CHURCH, in Port Jervis, NY, sensed God prompting him to offer the people of Port Jervis (and the surrounding communities) an organized, college-level course in Basic Theology.

On February 1st, 2018, Port Jervis School of the Bible was established and we held our first class in the church Annex classroom on March 9, 2018; the first class was Introduction to Theology.  By God’s grace, 13 adult students enrolled in the class and with almost no promotion or advertisement!  What this suggested to Pastor MacDonald was that there was untapped spiritual hunger in the Tri-State area (Port Jervis, NY, Montague, N.J., and Matamoras & Milford, P.A.); a hunger to learn more about God through His sacred Scriptures.  Pastor MacDonald believed that if The Church opened a Bible school for continued education in the faith, then God would fill the seats with His people, and this is exactly what happened!

The second course offered by the school was Great Women of the Bible.  10 students enrolled, again, with little advertising!

Some students were eager to share their experiences at Port Jervis School of the Bible, and their reviews are starting to come in.




“The teaching at Port Jervis School of the Bible is very informative and interesting and it is nice to see is how everyone is treated so kindly and lovingly.   God’s richest blessings on the Port Jervis School of the Bible.”  –  Ruth K.  (Port Jervis)


“Having just completed ‘Introduction to Theology,’ at Port Jervis School of The Bible, I strongly recommend attendance for any course offered there.   Pastor MacDonald offers comprehensive, challenging, and enjoyable studies of God’s Word.  The fellowship you will enjoy is equally rewarding.”  –  Dave V.  (Port Jervis)


“The classes I’ve taken at Port Jervis School of the Bible have been a great blessing to me and I’ve learned a lot about the Bible.  There is much preparation that goes into each class by the professors and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  I always feel refreshed after class.” – Annmarie (Port Jervis)