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Institutional Purpose

Located right here in the heart of Port Jervis is a premier institution for Biblical education.  Port Jervis School of the Bible is a theologically conservative, Christian, evangelical Bible school whose aim is to glorify God by training God’s people in sound doctrine for the work of the ministry; for the building up of the church–the body of Christ.  Port Jervis School of the Bible offers affordable, rewarding, academically challenging courses of study that promote a spirit of thoughtful inquiry and reflective discernment which leads to a strong Biblical foundation.  The school maintains high academic standards and expects students to strive for academic excellence in the Scriptures so that they may rightly understand God and grow more like His Son, Jesus Christ, in every way.

At Port Jervis School of the Bible, we provide specific theological instruction and training customized for men who aspire to the office of Pastor/Elders or Deacons, but also for laypeople who desire to enhance their understanding of practical theological concepts, preparing women and men for their unique callings in the kingdom of God.



Mission Statement

To serve Christ, his Church, and the world through Christian theological education, research, and scholarship. In this way, the school prepares students for ministry as pastors, deacons, lay leaders, and scholars so that they may build up Christian communities, foster Church growth through missions and evangelism, teach the faith, and care for those in need.

Vision Statement

With God’s help and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Port Jervis School of the Bible aspires to be the premier center of Christian scholarship and pastoral education in the Tristate area.

Values Statement

In every aspect of its life and work, the seminary is guided by the following principles:
• To believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to adhere to his commandments, as expressed in the life and teachings of the Christian Church;
• To acknowledge our responsibility to communicate Christianity to the world and to invite all to partake of the fullness of the faith;
• To take a holistic approach to theological education and spiritual formation—integrating study, work, worship, and personal discipline;
• To manifest Christian love, service, worship, and learning in the life of the seminary community;
• To be open, transparent, and responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us;
• To encourage every member of the school community to be a full and active participant in the school’s mission;
• To expect all members of the school community to hold the highest standards of professional ethics and personal integrity;
• To aspire to excellence through continuous and ongoing improvement;
• To be committed to fairness, respect, and hospitality for all fellow students.

As sinful humans, we acknowledge that we will inevitably fall short of these high ideals.  As Christians, we will constantly seek forgiveness for our sins, repent of them, and do our best to live Christ-centered lives.



Port Jervis School of the Bible is a private, “church-based,” 501(c)(3) nonprofit learning institution, meaning we operate under the oversight of a local church and its board of Elders. The school’s faculty consists of trained instructors who are also qualified, ordained Pastors/Overseers in the church, some of whom are actively involved in pastoral ministry.

This website should answer many of your questions.  If you would like more information about Port Jervis School of the Bible, please contact us.

Phone:  (845) 842-8853          Email:  portjervisbible@gmail.com

Address:  Port Jervis School of the Bible, 6 Ferguson Avenue, Port Jervis.


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Guy-Curtis Henderson

 Guy-Curtis Henderson, Teaching Elder, Music Minister, THE CHURCH, Port Jervis, NY


Richard Tory MacDonald, Teaching Elder, Trustee, THE CHURCH, Port Jervis NY